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Start Date :  18-Aug-2017           End Date :  20-Aug-2017

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AUTO ELECTRIC EXPO            An event which brings together international and a different unique mixture of a small,medium and large trads is AUTO ELECTRIC  EXPO.

Many number of manufacturers, accessories & Components manufacturers, importers, retailers, distributors, suppliers, traders, decision makers and consultants who make the exhibitions a perfect platform. They all are members of this Expo.



Now, Electric vehicles solve 2 major issues-Climate change & security

And if it will come in complete automation area then it will be a part of secure life and energy. Then the whole world will never faced the globalisation issues. It may be helpful to reduce it.Use available power sources


ADDRESS       :                                                   Pragati Maidan, New Delhi – India


CITY                :                                                    Delhi


PHONE          :                                                    +91 – 8130998383 


COUNTRY     :                                                     India              


WEBSITE      :                                                     http://sdpromomedia.com/autoelectric/index.asp

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