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Bikes, autos have to be included in odd-even for impact

Posted On :  27-Nov-2017

Fresh Delhi: Odd-even restrictions have to apply to two-wheelers and three-wheelers for the scheme to succeed, says a researcher at the New York-based Columbia University or college, doubting its efficacy in the long run.

Regarding V Faye McNeill, associate professor of Chemical substance Engineering at the start, the impact of the odd-even scheme burns out eventually as individuals find ways surrounding the constraints. McNeill, an expert on atmospheric aerosols, said air doesn't obey city, condition, or even national limitations, so emissions need to be curbed at a regional level as well as locally, citing the examples of La and Mexico City with similar tendencies towards stagnant air like Delhi.

Two-and-three wheelers, especially those with two-stroke engines that run on mixed fuel, are important sources of pollution and they shouldn't be missed in air quality policy. They should be included in the restrictions if there is any hope for the odd-even scheme to have an impact.

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