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FCA Jeep dealer caught up in verbal fight

Posted On :  06-Dec-2017

NEW DELHI: It seems bad time is not finishing for Fiat Chrysler's India arm Jeep. The automaker recently recalled around you, 200 units of their latest SUV Jeep Compass for replacement of prominent passenger airbags. And now with all this, a current video of a South Delhi Jeep dealer is going viral on interpersonal media, obviously for an incorrect reason.

The consumer recently bought the Jeep Compass and was facing some serious manufacturing issues on it. On complaining and seeking information about the repair, the dealer was informed that it would take 10 to 15 days to repair the SUV. But the second the customer informed that the SUV is left in front of the Moti Nagar outlet, the dealer denied to show up at the SUV.

We tried out to reach out to the dealer to get the further information on the incident but the dealer refused to provide details about the incident. Although Rajiv Vohra, Director, Milestone, said: "We will concern the official statement on this incident inches.

On the other hand, in my judgment in just about any circumstance, supplier staff must not hit the customer. If they may have any problem with the customer, they must call the police, rather than hitting him, said Shikher Dubey, founder & CEO of automobile dealer ranking website Car Dealer Louper.


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