Royal Enfield Queen: A custom bike that wants to make Neev motorcycles for you!

Royal Enfield's motorcycles are the most modified in our country, We have brought you many mad research jobs in the past. With the rest of the things, in the full engine swapping, only the beauty change varies.

Today, though, we bring you a concept that looks completely destructive and contrary to what you have seen in India. Although such designs are common in abroad, there are not many such designated motorcycles in our country to boot. Take a look and dip it through its dim.

Gorgeous, it's not. This design concept has been named 'queen' and the design is made by Neev motorcycles, which is a design and modification house located in Delhi. The bike looks completely dangerous and is definitely a head turner. The entire modification is done by the job company at home. Queen Royal is based on Enfield Classic 500 and retains the engine with some other mechanical bits. Now let's learn about it in detail.

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