Toyota Fortuner-Challenger Jeep for India: new details surface

Jeep is building the Toyota Fortuner Challenger for the Indian market, The new 7-seater SUV will also be a global product. Today, we have a new explanation about the GIP 7-seat SUV, thanks to the ACI. The word is that the new Jeep will use the 7-seater SUV compass platform.

Jeep is used to illustrate the Grand Commander 7 Seater

Jeep Compass is based on Fiat's US Small Wide Platform, originally developed by Fiat. This platform also reduces the Renegade SUV and the crossover Fiat 500 X / L range. Using this platform for the new, 7-seat SUV, the Jeep will save significantly.

This also indicates that the Jeep's new 7-seater SUV will have Monocoque body, unlike Toyota Fortuner's stair frame chassis. In the case of the new Jeep 7-seat SUV ride and handling mobility, it is expected to be like the Skoda Kodiaq and Honda CR-V compared to Fortune.


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