Hyundai Kona Electric Car Test error

UK, December 05, 2018 : Hyundai Kona Electric car range as downgraded after the car maker discovered an external test agency hadn't followed correct procedures for  the Worldwide harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).

Hyundai Kona Electric has dropped from  469 km (292 miles) to  449 km (279 miles) in its most powerful rehearsal, as a result of erroneous test data.

Hyundai's sibling brand Kia also announced the news that, electric e-Niro had also had its official range decreased for the same reason.

Kona Electric 39kWh has been recalculated with a 289 km (180 miles)  range, down from 299 km (186 miles), while the range of the higher-spec 64kWh variant has been reduced from 469 km (292 miles) to 449 km (279 miles). 

Meanwhile, the 39kWh e-Niro is rated at 288 km (179 miles) rather than the original 310 km (193 miles), and the 64kWh model has a range of 453 km (282 miles) rather than 323 km (201 miles).

Hyundai added that the discrepancy in the test cycles “has been identified due to Hyundai’s ongoing homologation work” and said that the situation is being investigated to “arrive at a full explanation”.

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