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Tesla model 3

Elon Musk announced that “TESLA MODEL 3 SEDAN” will also be launched in india this year.

This is a Electric Super Car that can be driven in one charge for more than 300km at around 100kph. So that charging stations for charged to tesla or electric cars also built a network  stations in china, w Europe , and Us.

It’s a high speed charging car and only in 15 min. charging it can be driven up to 150km approximate.Its also known as ‘Autopilot”. In india there is a single vehicle ‘E-Rickshaw’ is successful vehicle relaxations in taxes and licences that is Electrical or depend on charging.

If ‘Tesla ‘an electric car come to india then we can see its totally effect on Pollution which is mainly beneficial for the city and infact that  model of ‘Tesla 3 sedan going for production in mid of 2017.

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